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“A potent graphic novel… a complex and empathetic portrait of war and its consequences” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (Starred Review)

“A meticulously crafted narrative... A powerful and quietly poignant memoir and tribute.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

As a college dropout amidst the tumult of the 1960's and the Vietnam War, my father David enlisted in the Air Force and volunteered to be sent overseas. Even though he was an aircraft mechanic away from the front lines, my dad experienced the chaos of war during the Tet Offensive and the 1975 evacuation. And although he eventually returned home from the war with no physical injuries, it would be as if a part of him was forever left behind.

Set against one of the most tumultuous events of the 20th century, The Heart That Fed is the story of my father's experience during the Vietnam War, and the story of our life together, a father and son whose relationship was forever changed by PTSD and the horrors of war.

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