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Hi, I'm Carl.


I'm a writer and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon, and my debut graphic memoir The Heart That Fed: A Father, a Son, and the Long Shadow of War is now available wherever books and comics are sold! I've also worked on comic books for companies like Monkeybrain, Archie, and IDW, including co-creating The Army of Dr. Moreau with David F. Walker, and I've also done freelance work for clients like Nike, XOXO, and Brooks. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email or reach out via social media.


For publicity inquiries, please contact Lucy Nalen:

My Story

For as long as I can remember, there have been a few constants in my life: drawing and reading comic books, and listening to my dad's war stories, often over bowls of phở at his favorite Vietnamese restaurant. They were stories I always wanted to tell, and in 2015 I decided to try.

What emerged—over the course of many more years of work and long conversations with my dad—is The Heart that Fed, a graphic memoir that tells the story of his time in Vietnam, and how the trauma of war changed him as a man and father. If you're interested, there are some sample pages you can view here, and you can sign up for my newsletter to download the first chapter for free.


Me and my dad in Quang Tri province, Vietnam, in February 2020. It was my first trip to Vietnam, and his first trip back since he participated in the 1975 evacuation.


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